The VeeVees have a seductive yet traditional approach to rock n roll. They come at the audience with an aggressive and edgy set, you can’t help but wonder what they’re gonna do next. We went backstage with them last Friday night to see what it’s all about.

words and photos by NAKID Fashion EditorRachel Lynch

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New York based band, The VeeVees serve up the type of “frontal attack rock n roll” Patti Smith was talking about. There’s something invasive about their performances, but it doesn’t put you off. It’s a mix between what lead singer, Sophia Urista, will say next, or which person is gonna jump into the audience to take a selfie.


The set isn’t complete without talking politics, sex, tequila, and everything in between. They’ll never tell you what to think – but they sure as hell don’t hold back on their opinions.

The banter is like a nice palate cleanser between each song, and it will keep you waiting for the next one.


Over the past couple months, they’ve made their presence know, especially around New York. If you’re in the area you can catch them tomorrow night for a free show at Lincoln Center and at Afro Punk in August.

The combination of their character and talent will leave you happy you came.


check out more veevees here — instagram / Facebook

and listen to their new single now on youtube – Hard Lovin’ 

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