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Fresh off tour with Matisyahu, Kosha Dillz has been gathering lots of buzz with his newly released video Dodging bullets, His current project has him working with producers that have worked with a lot of your faves: Kendrick, Brit, Wiz Khalifa, top notch artist. Matisyahu, an international legend and an amazing artist on his own, has made several appearances all over the Kosha Dillz atmosphere. Their collaboration  on dodging bullets has a soft-focus mad decent sound with melodic instrumentals and stirring lyrics. It’s the kind of music you would listen to in your car or at the gym when you are trying to vibe to some feeling myself shit.

Kosha Dillz started out in the NYC rap battle scene namely at the Nuyorican Poets café, his name Kosha Dillz comes from the fact that he is Jewish artist (hence the term Kosher), dill referring to the dill pickle you can find on his album cover. After an addiction story and a jail story Kosha Dillz began working on the song Childhood with C-Rayz Walz, Beverley Dillz and his second solo album ‘Awkward in a good way’ helping shape his sound, message and vision.

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Since then he’s done more than most can speak on, touring with Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah and Aesop rock to name some. RZA cosigned Kosha Dillz by stating ‘one of the rawest Jewish kids I know, proving again that hip-hop comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and races’. He rounded off his 2009 musical ascent by performing at Sundance and winning the hot 97 summer jam rap battle. Nowadays he is working on a documentary about being an Israeli-American rap artist called Kosha Dillz is everywhere. Oh did I mention he got hacked by ISIS once upon a time? Look it up.


You can find out more about Kosha on his twitter, Instagram and website.  

And stream his new album ‘What I do all day and Pickle” on Soundcloud

Photography Credit: scottylib and Courtesy of the Artist press kit

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