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(Photography by Thomas Falcon)

Jhene Aiko, R&B singer and songwriter, and rapper Big Sean come together with undeniable chemistry on a collaborative project, Twenty88. The EP was released in April of 2016 through Def Jam Records and had producers Key Wane, Detail, and Tommy Brown on deck. K-Ci and JoJo even come back from our teenage daydreams to appear on the single “2 Minute Warning.”

The duo had collaborated before on the songs “Beware”, from Big Sean’s second  album, Hall of Fame, and “I Know” from his third album, Dark Sky Paradise. The two soon realized they complimented each other perfectly. With the vocals of an angel and flow of the reputable Big Sean, Twenty88’s self-titled, 8 track EP came together seamlessly.

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(Photography by Thomas Falcon)


Twenty88, as a whole project, juxtaposes female and male perspectives on love, communication, and relationships. The aim of the album is not to find solutions, but rather that both voices be heard. There is a back and forth, conversational element to almost all tracks on the EP. When asked about the message of Twenty88,  Jhene Aiko said  “Music now doesn’t really cater to the feelings of a real relationship. It’s all about trapping and bragging. I feel like this project is something that’s needed right now.



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