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The edgy, but soulful indie pop duo 
Joan As Police Woman and Benjamin Lazar Davis have blessed our eardrums by releasing a few new singles off of their newest collaborative album, Let it Be You. One of them is the song “Overloaded” which has Davis singing lead- a sensual experience in itself. His brooding voice manages to make lyrics like, “don’t want to wake up in the morning over and over, it’s automatic,” sound mellow and even a little light hearted- especially accompanied with the stellar music video that features the hilariously animated Fred Armisen (Portlandia, SNL). The video combines two feelings that the majority of us have encountered- feeling dead inside, and being bored as f**k waiting for your car to get serviced.

You know when you’re so bored in a public waiting room that you start doing weird shit? Playing with random f*cking objects? Very hashtag #relatable video, containing dark comedic emphasis which Armisen is a pro at. As for the tunes on the album, Joan and Davis were inspired by sounds from the Central African Republic, which they added to their instrumentals and electronic vibes. Their other single, “Broke Me in Two” has its own video as well, a twist on the genius from the 
Overloaded video- again including Armisen’s witty antics. This impressive duo’s album is out October 21st, so don’t sleep on it.  

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