We’re already familiar with Katya’s work from previous posts, she’s a 24 yo Argentinian photographer and Cinema Student, currently based in Buenos Aires, she fell in love with photography since early on, and from the moment someone in her family gave her her first analogue camera, she couldn’t stop shooting on film because of the nostalgia, tones, and process that came along when using film. Her work showcases mostly girls, in intimate and ordinary situations, she says that all she looks for a picture is to evoke a sweetness and the raw feeling of the female form, the body, curves and colors are the things that inspire her the most.

For this Nakid exclusive she shot Eugenia with her 35mm Canon AE-1 with a roll of AGFA 200.
Photographer: Katya Simkin
Model: Eugenia

img175 img182 img204 img208 img209 img223 img230 img232 img236 img243

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