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Submissions are now open for the fifth installment of our submissions based, limited edition themed mini-issues!

As many of our readers know we do mini 5.8 × 8.25″ issues that are submission based and themed, this gives our readers and submissions artists a chance to be published – each time we do it, it’s even better than the last. Our first installment issue was DICKS, NARCISSISM, the NOSTALGIC BLACK, our newest release, SEXUAL, and now we are excited to announce the NAKID MAGAZINE – MINI-ISSUE 5: RED & BLACK issue!

As part of our partnership with OpenCall we have teamed up to invite artists from around the world to submit to us their works only featuring the colors RED and/or BLACK (white may also be used but should be a secondary color and not the focus). The works must be photographic, an illustration, painting, mixed media or collage and MUST ONLY be in red/white/black colors – work submitted outside this guideline will be rejected automatically. The issue will feature 30+ artists, culminating in a curated collection of our fifth mini-issue.

The miniature book is an ongoing special edition publication that features themed ideas open to interpretation and intended to be thought-provoking and collector pieces – curated by Founder/Editor-In-Chief Dustin Hollywood. Anyone can submit that downloads our partner app OpenCall. To submit you must download the app, load art/work from your Instagram to your OpenCall profile, then search our submission call and then submit your portfolio for consideration. Some 30+ artists will be chosen to submit ( 7-10 ) images, but only two images will be picked to be featured. We may not pick every submission and anyone that does submit will have a deadline of January 21st, 2017 to submit on the app according to our submission guidelines at the link below! Next you will need to email your submission to { } by February 1st if chosen. Any submission not submitted to those standards will be denied; once submitted if your photos/artworks are chosen then you will be notified by February 7th, 2016!

Read the RULES & GUIDELINES for submitting here:  SUBMISSIONS OPEN


Currently we have an OpenCall submission for a MINI-ISSUE 5: RED & BLACK – all you have to do for the chance to be featured in this quarterly limited-edition 5.8 x 8.25 print/digital issue is sign up for the OpenCall app (currently only available for iOS apple app store – coming soon to android) setup your profile/portfolio then navigate to the calls you are eligible for and find ours and then apply! That’s it, then your submitted!  This is how we will be creating submissions and shoots for all of our upcoming issues and shoots for NAKID as part of our new partnership with OpenCall. Good luck and happy submitting!

This ‘Call’ is for all photographers/artists in North America / Asia / South America / Central America / Europe / Africa / Australia – Submit now through OpenCall for the chance to have your Brand featured in our Quarterly Print/Digital Issue!

To download OpenCall click here:  DOWNLOAD OPENCALL

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