Made of Gold‘ is an editorial inspired by the inner drive and passion within the North Texas creative industry. The fire that leads our every professional move to be adventurous and genuine about every collaboration you put your name into. Its an editorial that embraces the creativity and the openness of individuals to collaborate and create something together. For ‘Made of Gold‘ I got to work with Cameron Steele,  a music producer and model based in Dallas Tx, who’s work has been heard all over town. He is also the creative director for one of Dallas’ most noticeable art showcases called WAVES, a public space that brings together artists from all of North Texas into one monthly event.




One day out and about, Cameron and I talked about working together, just a vague game plan with a lot of potential but not much planning. Until one afternoon out of boredom, Cameron texted me and said I have the day off let’s do something and without much details I immediately knew what that meant. I grabbed my camera and my magic box containing props and possible outfits and I took off. It was an improvised project that felt directly into the abilities and technicalities of both parties, to just take an idea and see it through. And with the help with Anayancy Gonzalez stylish vision ‘Made of Gold’ was done.


For more of Manuel Frayre’s work visit his Instagram, Twitter of Facebook.

See more of  Cameron Steele on his Instagram or check out his monthly Art Showcase WAVES on Facebook.

Check out more of Anayancy Gonzalez Style and Photography via Instagram.


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