A whole lot of touring, dealing with heartbreaks using very animalistic methods and trying to protect their unique raw sound, is exactly what The Band Ice Cream has been up to lately. Having released a few new tracks recently and pushing their music through all of the inner punk web. We finally cough up to their grunge waves with the track ‘Jerk it off’, a bittersweet track embracing alternative methods to get over your ex. Well… by just masturbating constantly until the memories exit your mind and your body I guess. It’s a dirty touchy subject, pun intended, but the guys are not shy to show their stoner surfer careless vibes.


Their newest project ‘CLASSICALLY TRAINED’ will be out later this year, but you can stream ‘Jerk it off’ and other tunes now via Spotify and SoundCloud or via ‘The thing’ which is how the band refers to music apps on social media. In the album you can hear it echoing up into the Pacific night in “Surfer Girl.” No, not that one—though the Beach Boys classic of the same name shares a thing or two with the shimmering new single from The Band Ice Cream. The centerpiece of the San Francisco group’s forthcoming debut LP, Classically Trained, it oohs and ahhs its way through teenage cars-and-girls-style beach-party rock & roll shot through with a heavy dose of wild & reckless modern garage surf, the ocean emerging in the lyrics as a metaphor for both the tumultuous nature of relationships and the vastness of love. It’s a potent reminder of how beautiful and pure and naive-innocent rock & roll is at its archetypal best. “Surfer Girl” was a turning point for the band—the song that made the legendary Bruce Botnick take notice. Best known for producing The Door’s L.A. Woman and Love’s Forever Changes, Botnick was at the helm for Classically Trained, bringing a fresh perspective that helped push Ice Cream beyond its comfort zone


Images via The Band Ice Cream’s Facebook Page

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