Gil Gilmour, is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He submitted some of his selected works entitled “Fragments of Human Relationships” exclusively for us here at NAKID!

“Grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Thank goodness we had a darkroom at my high school. Skipped most other classes to live in said darkroom. Finished school. Put too many images in my pre-selection kit for photography, didn’t get in. Did nothing for six months. A friend was working as a stylist for the internationally acclaimed photographer Mr. Eryk Fitkau. He changed my life. He reprogrammed my brain and showed me how to see and to find truth through photography. He burnt too many bridges. He almost went bankrupt, we kept the business afloat, rebuilt the studio, tried to rebuild the man, the man was too far gone, the man went bankrupt. He lost everything. He took his own life. I then started a studio with a brother I met at his studio. Built it with our own two hands, cyclorama and all. We made some great things together. Lasted six years. I left and now continue to photograph for myself. ”

See more of Gil’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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