If you are ready to get into your feels? Self-loath into your insecurities for a minute then pick yourself back up once you realize that you are actually a bad motherfucker. Well look no further, Frythm’s music serves as a stimulating channel to help you liberate your soul by compressing mischievous and hazy sounds into his mind-altering productions. For his latest track “Breakthrough”, the Texas-based producer enlisted rapper Rome Fortune to help orchestrate a mixture of southern acid rap with sluggish yet positive lyrics that can take you into a daring trance.

Drawing influences from Flume, Pascaal, Cashmere Cat, Flying Lotus, Odesza, “Breakthrough” is a mesmerizingly slow-tempo future beats offering with a strong emphasis on organic rhythm and spacious production that puts Rome Fortune’s vocal right up front. Other nods to the future beats genre include moments of low-pitched vocal samples, rich, modular-sounding keyboard harmonies and experimentation with different layers of compression. With shades of UK garage and RnB, “Breakthrough” is a soulful, satisfyingly textured invitation to the listener to spend a rainy day indoors. Of “Breakthrough ft Rome Fortune”, Frythm says, “I wrote this beat when I was going through some very tough times mentally so everything came out so raw and organic. Then the feature with Rome just happened. I had the opportunity to open up for about a year ago in my hometown. We stayed connected through social media and I decided to send him a raw version of the beat and the rest is history”.

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