Natalie Nieves is a Photographer in NYC, and Paris known for her range of work from Editorial, Travel, and Street Photography. Mostly shooting Analog, or on her Leica M she captures the rawness of New York City’s Pride Parade.

“New York City is a city of sex, freedom, and diversity. Today I decided to capture all the Queer culture, and participate in Pride immensely hungover. My fragrance was rose, and champagne no.9. My camera’s generally my best date, especially when looking for a release. The stimuli of sparkling glitter, rainbows, unicorns, and nakedness was very projectile. Streets were flooded with pedestrians, and the message was so powerful. Love truly wins. Dyed flour filled the air, costumes, and flags dripped gayness into the streets of New York. I found myself distracted enough to not think of the seeping alcohol, and smiles were contagion. I left feeling like a flower, and love on the brain.”

See more of Natalie’s work here: INSTAGRAM


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