Ashley Callaghan, is a film photographer based in Austin, TX. She teamed up with Chris Vongsawat  a fashion filmmaker and photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. She tells us about this whimsical shoot they did in the hill country of Mailbu with model Marissa Luck.


Chris and I had been talking over IG for a while about wanting to team up for a project.  The only issue was that we were never in the same city with him being based in NYC and myself in Austin.  Over the summer we happened to both be traveling to California for work so we met up in LA and teamed up with actress and model Marissa Luck.  We drove around the hill country of Malibu sharing stories and stumbled into some fun areas to create a video that was reminiscent of what swept us together for the very project we were working on– the feeling of freedom and adventure.”



See more of Ashley CAllaghan’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM


Creative Direction and Photography: Ashley Callaghan
Videographer: Chris Vongsawat



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