UK singer/songwriter Sinéad Harnett has unveiled a sensual new video for her latest single “Body”. Shot on film in London by director Johny Mourgue, the video features Harnett singing against a blank backdrop which changes from black to red, to blue to pink. Incorporating sensuous minimalistic choreography, Sinéad pairs up with dancer, Tega Alexander, playing the object of her desire, both of them moving their bodies in time with the slow-simmering bassline. Speaking about the origin of the video, Harnett explains, “as soon as I finished the song I knew the video had to be shot on film. Something about film is so nostalgic, and when I wrote ‘Body’ I was looking back at all my memories within the relationship I was leaving. I wanted to use color to help paint the different layers of feelings and emotions I was going through at the time. Some conflicting, some bitter and some sweet.”

Body” was written by Sinéad and produced by GRADES (NAO, Tove Lo, Little Boots). Talking about the song, Sinéad explains “I was inspired by finding myself in a situation I wasn’t ready to leave, but that had to end. GRADES always seems to be around when something dramatic like that is going on. He started playing the ‘Body’ chords & the song came straight away. Conceptually it was a fantasy song but in reality it was a ‘goodbye’ song for me.”

With plenty of new music on the horizon, Sinéad  Harnett plans to return to North American shores later this year so make sure you keep up with her via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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